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A Remote Caregiver System (RCS) is not simply technology and some cameras in your house, it is much more! Through the proper placement of the numerous sensors available, you can be informed about things like flooding, a loved one in bed longer than normal, access to the medicine cabinet, and even their whereabouts should they go out driving. All of this in real time using the most secure platform available in the security industry. 

A note from our owners

As the owners of CMAG Health Solutions, we know first hand the importance of making sure that our loved ones are safe. We started providing this service because of a personal need within our family. A family member was ill, but wanted to remain at home. We installed a system with flood sensors in the bathroom and kitchen, pressure pads in the bedroom, motion sensors throughout, a Wellcam, a fall sensor, and sensors on the apartment door. 

This system allowed our family member to remain in her home, knowing that if something happened, we would be notified immediately. It gave her and the rest of us peace of mind and the ability to honor her wished to remain in her home. 

Our experience with this system is why we now want to offer this peace of mind to all families!

-Angela & Cathy

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