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IngiaTek FLEET

Know where all of your vehicles are at all times

Car Park
IngiaTek HOME

The CMAG healthcare Tech Team helps you to reach your goals using our innovative TouchPoint system.

Mobile Phlebotomy

Let the CMAG Mobile Team come to your home or office instead of spending time at a lab to have your blood drawn.

Blood Test

The CMAG team develops custome systems to monitor the activity in your facility


Using Technology to monitor you home or your business

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Contact us to learn more about all of our services

One of the most comprehensive healthcare technology organizations in the area!

The CMAG Team has numerous services to support all of your needs. From Elder Monitoring at home to Activity Monitoring in your business

We are a licensed healthcare organization first!

Any person you speak with on the CMAG team understands the needs of a healthcare organization. We can support you in integrating technology into you life, bringing you peace of mind.

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