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Concierge Medical Services: What is it?

Our unique set of concierge medical services is designed to wrap around families in the community in order to support them in finding high quality healthcare. This can be especially difficult when caring for loved ones who may be elderly or disabled. These services include the following:

In-Home Healthcare: As a healthcare company licensed by the Maryland State Office of Healthcare Quality, CMAG Health Solutions provides:

- Delegating Nursing Services

- Home Health Specialists


- Medication Monitoring

- In-Home Respite Care

Mobile Phlebotomy: Our phlebotomist travels to your home, office, retirement community, medical facility, etc., draws/collects the specimen(s) on the physician’s order, and securely transports everything to the lab designated by that physician.

COVID-19 Testing: Has someone on your team tested positive for COVID-19? Would you like to have your family tested? We can conduct COVID-19 PCR testing in the comfort of your home or office, or at our office in Owings Mills. All tests are processed by a local laboratory, and results are available in 24-48 hours.

CMAG Medical Services:

Our Specially trained Certified Wound Care Team provide evidence-based, proven care based on national best practices models in wound care

and primary care. Services available both in-home and via telehealth.

Remote Caregiver Services: More than just an emergency button - Remote Caregiver Systems are a solution that offers a secure, convenient, and cost-effective option for maintaining independent living. Remote Caregiver Systems integrate smart sensors, video with two-way audio, and home automation to provide real-time notifications of critical events in the home. These systems also build long-term behavior patterns and alert family and caregivers to changes in those patterns.

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