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Tackling the Virtual Culture Dilemma: Help Your People Work Better Together While Officing Apart


Many businesses and organizations are still adjusting to hybrid working conditions within their offices and when meeting with business partners and clients. How do managers and supervisors sustain committed and engaged employees? What happens when your employees are distracted, checked out, or still searching for a corner to work in their homes?

We’ve named this evolution The Virtual Culture Dilemma—and it’s shifting how we relate, communicate, and collaborate.

Employee engagement is not an event or activity. It is a mindset. A commitment of leadership to serve above a transactional level; therefore, modeling the organization’s core beliefs in how leaders operate.

How do you get there? Keep it simple.

  1. Lead Strategically

  2. Encourage Communication

  3. Monitor What is Important and Evaluate Outcomes

  4. Acknowledge Creativity

  5. Reward What You Require

  6. Provide and Support Continual Learning

The attached book offers a new perspective on creating an engaged, collaborative, and adaptive virtual culture that drives results.

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