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Love is Love!

Our mission is to "Raise the Standard in Healthcare" and we accomplish this through providing our clients the best care possible.

Our CEOs' coming out story:

At age 23, the CEO of CMAG Health Solutions, Angela Gustus, "came out" to her family. She was Blessed to have a wonderful and accepting family, but faced challenges with her healthcare providers. Identifying as a member of the LBGTQ Community, Angela understands the importance of having healthcare providers who understand and respect your family. Illness is stressful enough, and worrying about healthcare providers coming into your home and not respecting your family is added stress that nobody deserves


Our Seniors

According to an article found on, "Elderly LBGTQ individuals face additional barriers to health because of isolation, lack of social services and culturally competent providers." All of CMAG's providers are committed to ensuring that we provide inclusive services to all members of our community. Whether receiving in-home care, mobile phlebotomy, COVID-19 testing, wound care, or having a Remote Caregiver System installed, you can be sure that whomever you work with understands and respects your family.

The CMAG Team's Diversity

Discrimination, of any kind, is not tolerated by the CMAG Team. From the management team to individuals providing direct care to clients, CMAG is proud of the diversity within our organization. Over 25% of the CMAG Team personally identify as a member of the LBGTQ Community. Approximately 83% of the team are persons of color. In addition to English, there are three other languages spoken by members of the CMAG team (Spanish, French, and Italian)

All CMAG Staff must participate in Cultural Competency / Diversity Equity & Inclusion training as a part of the orientation process.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health

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