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Tia's Tidy Tips

Updated: Jun 8

Why Clean? F.R.E.T.

  • Cleaning helps you to have better FOCUS.

  • A clean room helps you to get better REST.

  • It is easier to ENJOY your home when it is clean.

  • Cleaning & Organizing can help you with TIME management.

Cleaning Essentials

  1. All-purpose disinfectant cleaner

  2. Glass cleaner

  3. Paper towels

  4. Microfiber rags

  5. Rubber gloves

  6. Toilet bowl cleaner & brush

  7. Swiffer - dust cleaner set

Tia’s Tidy Tips

  • Proper folding techniques can save you time and space.

  • Using storage containers in closets, drawers, and cabinets makes it easier to find things, take inventory, and even enjoy other activities.

  • The order of cleaning – always start at the top (shelves, ceiling fans etc.) and work your way down (tables, baseboards, floors) to avoid re-cleaning.

  • Many typical household items can be used for numerous reasons.

  • Dish Detergent – cleaning the stovetop.

  • Drier sheets – cleaning and maintaining baseboards.

  • Kitchen tongs wrapped with a towel - clean mini blinds.

  • Eyeglass cleaning cloths – TV & computer screens.

  • Magic erasers – walls, furniture, glass shower doors, tiles, tubs

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