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Disrupting In-Home Healthcare

CMAG Health Solutions, LLC is licensed by the Maryland State Office of Health Care Quality as a Residential Services Agency (RSA). Providing in-home care and a full suite of services such as mobile phlebotomy, wound care, COVID testing, and companion care. Looking at everything we offer did not seem to be enough, so we decided to move forward with disrupting (good enough) healthcare administered in the community.

The CMAG Team started brainstorming on how we can assist individuals to have the services they need in an affordable way. From there, the CMAG Health Solutions’ Wellness Technology Division was developed.

Under the leadership of Managing Partner Spencer Garrett, our Wellness Tech Team has partnered with to develop a comprehensive alternative that may potentially delay the need for expensive assisted living or long-term residential care. The answer is the CMAG Remote Caregiver System which can decrease the number of hours that staff are needed and fill those gaps with secure sensor-based technology. Instantaneous notifications alert caregivers about movement throughout the home, falls, access to medication cabinets, and even a loved one’s whereabouts within and outside of the home.

The CMAG Remote Caregiver System can save families $1,000’s a month!

Families can rent or purchase the equipment for their system built to meet their specific needs by going to the CMAG website or calling our office at 410-517-CMAG (2624)

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